What is it that makes Bargain Basket different from any other retail store?

What draws at least 2000 people to Bargain Basket each day. Could it be the great customer service? The well planned layout of this general retailer or is the 45 000 different items that we stock? Well whatever it is…. It’s working and our customers LOVE it.

Bargain Basket Durban has been trading in the heart of Durban for the last 14 years. We are grateful to say that over these years the business has always grown. 8 years ago we even expanded to a new premises across the street that is 3 times the size of the old premises.

Bargain Basket is know for it Wide variety and low prices – “A Bargain in every Basket” – Our slogan that explains just a little bit more about our company. Stock changes all the time and we advice customers that when you see something you love – buy it, it might not be available tomorrow… or ever again.

Bargain Basket recently opened another store in Pinetown @ 151 Old Main Road and we are please to say that we have lots of new and excited customers.

Gerhard and Christine Pelzer run Bargain Basket, together with a team of 10 very capable managers and more than 90 staff members. We are very passionate about our business and literally sleep, eat and dream this business.

We are involved in the business on a full time basis and do most of the buying ourselves. We go to China twice a year to look for new and exciting items and spend about 3-4 days every 2nd month in Johannesburg looking for new lines and great specials for the stores.
We regularly visit trade shows and spend a lot of time on the Internet researching the latest trends and Ideas.

Bargain Basket pride themselves on a wide range of items for the lowest retail prices possible. Our mission is to keep our stores exciting with new products coming in all the time. The owners of the store spend a lot of time sourcing new products from all over the country and do there own imports from China. So if you see something you like… Buy it! You might not see it again.
Although we are mainly retailers to the public, we would assist customers with big orders in the best way possible and if you buy a big quantity of an item, we will try to give you a discounted price, depending on the item, the supplier and the quantity available. Please note, some items might already be at a discounted price, and we cannot guarantee that we are able to find big quantities of an item or give it to our customers at a lower price. With the rand dollar changing all the time, prices change weekly and for that reason we cannot guarantee item prices.
We are committed to operate our business in terms of the Consumer Protection Act and all policies are subject to the applicable law.

The item I purchased is not suitable and want to exchange it for something else. What do I do?
You may bring the item back to the store for an exchange or contact our branch where the item was bought to make arrangements if you are going to return the item later than 14 days of the purchase date.
Please note: no returns on markdown items

14 days exchange or refund policy
We will refund or exchange most goods if you return them within 14 days of purchase. However, the goods must still be in their original condition and packaging and you may not have used them at all. Please provide your original invoice.

There are goods excluded from the 14 day exchange or refund policy?
There are a few exceptions due to hygiene reasons, applicable legislation or for reasons of cost efficiency. The goods we exclude from the 14 day return and exchange policy are:

1. Goods purchased by way of special arrangement or custom order will only be replaced if defective

2. Perishable goods that are returned beyond their expiry dates

3. Goods which are sold as red ticket goods, damaged, defective, used or repaired, where we disclosed these facts to you before you bought the goods

4. Shavers, toothbrushes and other personal care items.